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PeCa Thanksgiving Pick | Ram Trucks – Praise

“Appropriately airing on Thanksgiving Day when families across the country take time to reflect and give thanks, ‘Praise’ is the Ram brand’s tribute to hard-working Americans and the story of people who are the backbone of our country,” said Olivier Francois, global CMO of Fiat Chrysler.

Client: Ram Trucks/Fiat Chrysler
Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas

PeCa Automotive Pick | Porsche Model 911

Two minutes of animation, rendering, lighting and materials, editing and post processing in 3D automotive, absolute perfection.

Modeling,Texturing,Lighting,Rendering: Djordje Ilic

Compositing,Editing: Djordje Ilic

Let it burn instrumental-Generdyn (musicbed)
Mixed by: Djordje Ilic

Done with: 3dsmax, Vray, Nuke, Mari, Photoshop and Premier